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Keeping a Generation of Students, Parents and Teachers Connected Is Easier with School Magnets

There is no doubt that schools contribute actively towards our technical, social and cultural upbringing. Our future entirely depends on how we evolve during school days. We all love cherishing our school memories in different ways by remembering some incidents, retaining some memorabilia in form of photographs, trophies, certificates, gifts etc. These memories may dry up with time, and memorabilia might get lost in transition or become duller with time. Then how do you ensure that those colorful, sweet old school memories stay forever? School Magnets?! Yes, they possess immense capability to keep your memories fresh and green from over refrigerator doors.

School refrigerator magnets are special due to following reasons -

  • Moistens your memories This is the prime reason, why people love having a school magnet over their refrigerator doors!
  • Boost your spirits Every small school activity is dearer to a student and his spirit can be boosted or kept alive through variety of aesthetically developed school activity magnets. For achieving this purpose schools, universities and colleges can typically opt for suitable tokens such as school fundraising magnets, school refrigerator magnets, college refrigerator magnets and university refrigerator magnets.
  • Builds brand credential A custom school magnet not only creates an ode to your memorable school days, but they also make a wonderful brand building tool. While moistening your memories from over a refrigerator door, some such as school contact magnets or school business card magnets are getting engaged in brand building too. And each time you look at them a sense of pride and dignity starts overpowering your mind. Also, they possess immense power to influence an individual and who knows one day your next generation may also end up tracing your footprints to the old school!
  • Ensures connectivity Custom school magnets such as school calendar magnets helps to reconnect parents, students and teachers. The space on these magnets can be used for highlighting special days in school calendar such as sports day, annual day, exam dates, or some other important information.
  • Can be availed for meeting any type of requirement - School refrigerator magnets can be availed for disseminating any type of information such as brand building, promoting an event or fundraising. Some of the popular choices include school contact magnets, school car magnets, school business card magnets, center refrigerator magnets, fundraising magnets, etc.
  • High Retention Value Artistically developed school promotional magnets such as school business card magnets, school text book shaped magnets, or school football schedule magnets can transform any plain or bland surface into an interesting screen. This is why these nostalgia spinning custom school magnets possess high retention value than regular brand promotional magnets!

Why is selling more School Magnets than its Competitors?

  • Assorted Choices We offer a large assortment of school fridge magnets and school car magnets in different shapes, sizes, color and purpose to suit various promotional and brand building requirements of schools, elementary schools, universities, and study centers. Advertisers can come, make their choices and part with light mind after ordering impressive school magnets.
  • Competitive Prices We offer high quality school magnets cheap than our nearest competitors. We strive to offer these magnets in best competitive prices found on internet. Advertisers who are working in penny pincher marketing budgets and wish to address large section of students at one go can always opt for bulk purchases, which are supported with huge discounts.
  • Freebies Customizing a school magnet or any other promotional magnet to hearts content is always challenging and intricate process for any advertiser and highly stressful in terms of implementation too. We offer relief from both by giving away free customization and free art setup along with free online design proof ( which is dispatched within 24 hours). We offer free shipping on all orders placed on this website.
  • Environment Friendly - All our school magnets are created using environment friendly, recycled and resourced materials. They are lead free, which means it is safer for students to deal with them. No recorded instances of allergic reactions!
  • Made In USA Our School refrigerator and outdoor magnets are purely made in USA, which adds to their reliability.

We are proud to offer high quality promotional magnets in most competitive price ranges offered in industry. 10% discounts can be availed on purchases if the base price exactly matches.

To know more about any kind of promotional school magnets (refrigerator, outdoor), feel free to reach out to us at 855-7 MAGNET [855-762-4638]

Client testimonials

quotesOur school management was hunting for right school magnets for impending fundraiser in November 2012. We were organizing it for the benefit of poor students in our locality. I should say these magnets came as a savior. We have contemplated using lots of other styles, but they all failed to make mark. At first we just ordered 500 pieces from, but they were sold within first 2 hours, and later we reordered 5000 pieces, and the response was simply overwhelming!

- Laura Rodriguez, Connecticut

quotesIn 2012, our elementary school wrapped admissions on good note. Many people who were earlier reluctant to come to us due to some misconceptions approached us for admissions and happily parted with smile on face. I should say school business card magnets that we purchased from you did the trick. This year we wish to repeat the success by handing over these magnets to targeted parents at least 3-4 months in advance, as we did the last year.

- Sherman Melroy, Kentucky

quotesThis is the fourth year I am trying out their magnets for promoting my playschool. Thanks guys the results are overwhelming and I may try it for bigger fundraisers too.

- Adel Malcom, Kansas

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